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- South African Photographs -

Southern tip of Great Escarpment, Nuweveld Mountains near Beaufort WestHorse car on R63 Outside Victoria WestValley of Desolation Graaff-ReinetFarm Dam Great Karoo
Farm Road and Gate KarooVerneukpan KarooWindpump Sunset KarooMountain Pass Karoo Highlands
Windpump and Karoo koppiesFarmhouse in the Snow Karoo HighlandsOuberg Pass Karoo HighlandsKrom River Karoo
Carnarvon airfield during June fly-in KarooCorbelled House KarooWindpumpWind pump, Great Karoo
Toposcope Valley of desolation Graff-ReinetFarmer's Fields Orania KarooTwilight Over Orange River KarooSheep on Karoo Road
Sak River KarooTankwa KarooOstrich Eggs Tankwa KarooKaroo Road Near Loxton
Karoo RoadMagersfontein Western FrontHerding Sheep in KamiesbergKaroo highlands farm
Gannaga pass Karoo HighlandsSheep NamaqualandSunset KarooKaroo koppies (Hills)
Dam and old farm buildings KarooHills near Loxton KarooGifbol Karoo PlainsRichtersveld Namaqualand Region
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